Cindy McDonald is a devoted wife, mother, stepmother, and grandmother
to a large clan of interesting human beings. She is a sought-after
interior designer and runs her own property management company
that keeps her busy night and day. For the past year, she has
added writing this book to her list of many passions and accomplishments.
She loves to travel to other countries, especially to little-known
areas where she can enmesh herself in the lives of the fascinating new
friends she meets. A graduate of Arizona State University, her major
in Communication has served her well in her engagement with the
world. Her experience raising a brain-injured son with epilepsy led
her to write this book. Cindy invites you to look beyond the surface
to see the bigger picture and the deeper meanings that adversity can
teach us all. Her goal in telling her story is to increase compassion for
those who struggle daily with serious health issues of all kinds.

Jeni Grossman is an award-winning journalist and the author of six
works of fiction and creative nonfiction, including Beneath the Surface,
Behind the Scenes, Missing Pieces, Lacuna, and her memoir, Graduating
from Religion. Since Lacuna (Kayip Parça in Turkish) is largely set in
Turkey, it was translated into Turkish and became a bestseller there.
Jeni earned two master’s degrees from Fuller Theological Seminary in
Pasadena, California, and is currently working toward a third in Religious
Studies from Arizona State University. She also teaches religion
at ASU. Jeni lives with her husband, Gary, in Gilbert, Arizona. Her
grown children and the couple’s children live nearby. Jeni’s son was
born with spina bifida and, at age 37, is one of the oldest Americans
living with this disability. Her experiences with disability, advocacy,
and medical interventions made Jeni a natural ally to help Cindy tell
her own life story.

Cindy and Jeni have been friends for 25 years and have helped each
other along the way. The Least Likely Criminal is a deeply felt, extremely
personal look into what it took to survive and flourish despite
the tragedies and traumas that are among life’s challenges.