First off, I’m not one to read.  I end up board with the book and I fall asleep reading.  But not this book!  I couldn’t put it down. I found it captivating it held my interest nothing like others I have tried to read.  I laughed and I cried.  Cindy is one very strong lady to be so brave to go against all odds for the ones she loves.  I have recommended the book to my friends.  What a wonderful true story.

Diane Moore


I have know Cindy for 50 years. I grew up with her family; Judee was my sister and best friend. It was the most amazing journey for me to see this all through Cindy’s eyes. So many emotions, tears laughter, remembering all the moments and conversations from the past.

Secondly, as a mother and advocate for medical marijuana for years, Cindy’s story about her sweet son is heart-breaking and heart-healing at the same time. Her courage, fortitude, and love to do what was right for her son is inspiring and hopefully with help others to understand the importance for more research in this area.

Cindy, you are amazing lady! Thank you for sharing your story.

Alice Mertz- family friend


This book not only brought laughter and a few tears, but it educated me on something I knew little about. It was a quick read, one I couldn’t put down! My kids and husband are going to read it too, because it is that good. Read it! You won’t be disappointed.

J. Rome


A gripping true life account of how one family’s life was turned upside down in an instant and the family’s long and painful struggle to try and regain some sense of normalcy.



Anyone with children will understand and appreciate why this mother would risk jail and engage with drug dealers to help keep her son alive. Thank heavens Americans are beginning to recognize just how crazy some of these laws have been.



A page-turning, brutally honest account of how one event can change someone’s life forever.  I couldn’t put it down.



Loved the book. A wife, mother, and sister’s love so strong that even jail wouldn’t stop her.

Jay Vanderlooven- Michigan


An endearing story of a mother’s courageous effort to help her son, all the while having the strength and stamina to soldier on through insurmountable personal tragedies.

Mark Asbury- Wisconsin


I am not normally a big reader, but I have to say I could not put this one down. I had the book done in less than a day. I have known Cindy, Mel, and the family for about five years now, and I was aware of only a part of their lives and was amazed about how they handled the part that I knew of. After reading the book, I am in awe of how they handle anything that comes their way. The book was written in such a gentle caring way that I would recommend people read it.  Reading the book puts everything in your own life in perspective, and I thank Cindy and her family for taking the time to share this with all of us.

Sandy Clifford


I was so amazed, as I read the book, by the many facets of challenges that Cindy faced… and overcame. I get the challenge of pursuing/buying something that would have serious legal, personal, familial, and financial (don’t drive the Jaguar!) ramifications were she to ever be caught. However, what I found most impressive and remarkable is how Cindy dealt with the non-legal challenges. I’m positive that these law-based challenges were scary. But my personal experience has shown me that facing up to, dealing with, and overcoming the potential dynamics and heart-wrenching drama caused by longstanding family and church traditions, beliefs, and misconceptions can be even worse.

Church and family can so often, and unfortunately, be the most judgmental and hurtful. This is magnified by the fact that we often look to them for support, love, and understanding. The incredible courage Cindy showed to put her motherly love above all of that is, for me, a primary undergirding theme of this story.

Doug Brinton- Phoenix, Arizona realtor